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Sometimes a personal touch can go a long way.

At Once Upon a Sling we not only want you to wear your baby, but we want you to feel confident, comfortable and secure while wearing your baby.


Meet the Carriers

This 1 hour class covers the different types of carriers, the pros and cons of each, and basic safety.   You will be able to try each carrier on, with your child or with a baby doll, to see how each one feels on you.   This allows you to really get a feel for the different types of carriers and what you might really use.   The majority of people coming in thinking they wanted a specific carrier left with another that worked better for them, their child and their lifestyle.  


Wrapping 101

This 1 hour class will cover what you need to know about wraps.  From basic front carries, to how to get your baby on back and the various ways of tying your wrap.  This varies from person to person, so we will try them all in this hands-on class to see what carries you like best.  Some of the carries we cover are basic cross, front cross carry, back rugsack, back cross carry.  We will also cover basic care of your wrap, like how to braid.  Bring your own wrap if you have one!   (Please note, the stretchy wraps are not suitable for back carries, but you may try on the various wraps we offer that are.)  


Frequently Asked Questions about Classes

Do I need to bring the Baby?

     While it would be helpful if you could bring your little one in for a class to try on the various carriers, it is not required.  We have found that different babies prefer being held differently.  The carriers accommodate for many different styles of wearing, and we can find the one that works best for wearer and baby.  

     We can try on all the carriers, how to properly wear them, and safety without a baby - as if often the case with pregnant or adopting parents.  After baby is welcomed into the family, you may come back to help adjust your carrier for the particular baby.  

I already own a sling or carrier, why should I come?

     Great!!  I would love to help you learn how to use it most effectively and make sure you and your baby are safe!  There is no requirement to buy from Once Upon a Sling.  Please bring in your slings and carriers if you need any help with them! 

We can't make the class, are there other times available?

     Yes, absolutely!  We are committed to helping you wear your baby.  If a class day or time does not work for you, please email or call to set up a free one on one consultation to get any and all your questions answered!


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